by Jamie Setters Jamie Setters

TFP Nutrition was pleased to host Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Sid Miller on Friday, June 8th, 2018, for a tour of our facilities. He was complimentary of our quality assurance laboratory, pet food facilities and feed warehouse. Most importantly, he was impressed by our employees. CEO, Bud Wright, accompanied Commissioner Miller throughout the entire tour. His American Quarter Horse Association belt buckle serves as visual reminder that he is a rodeo cowboy who holds nine world championship titles. You can imagine he was interested in seeing our horse feed bags. Track Star, featuring EC Jet One, was one of our bags that appealed to him. Since Sid expanded the Go Texan marketing initiative, he was pleased to see it featured on our Star Pro pet food line. He commented, “this bag looks sharp”. Commissioner Miller spent an hour with us. We’re grateful he chose us to visit and was so complimentary of our employees and facilities.