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Since 1930

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4th Generation
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Manufactured By

Made In Texas

Since 1930

Family Owned

4th Generation


2172 w-product

2172 – Instant 22-10 Lone Star Calf Milk Replacer

A milk substitute to be fed to herd replacement calves.


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Product Description


  • 1744 Kcal/lb
  • 22% protein
  • Performance Direct Fed Microbials (probiotics)
  • Lightly acidified
  • Vitamin fortified


  • Easy to use – just mix with warm water
  • Probiotics are naturally occurring microorganisms that improve digestion, health, and overall performance
  • Acidification improves digestion

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Feed colostrum for the first three days. For best results, it is important to get colostrum into the calf as soon as possible after birth. To be sure that the calf receives colostrum, it may be advisable to feed the calf directly rather than allowing the calf to nurse. This first feeding should be 3 to 4 lbs. in the first hour of life. The colostrum should be continued for three days at the rate of about 7-8% of body weight.

After the third day, start feeding Lone Star Calf Milk Replacer according to the directions below. These directions are intended only as a guide. The feeder must use his good judgement when feeding calves. Calves will vary in feed requirements, depending on size or health of the calf. Any changes in feeding level should be made gradually. If a calf scours, milk intake should be restricted or eliminated for one or two feedings.

TWICE A DAY FEEDING: Mix Lone Star Calf Milk Replacer at the rate of 1 cup per 1 quart of warm water (120° F) or 1 pound (4 cups) to 1 gallon of warm water. Mix thoroughly. Feed 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 quarts of the above mixture (reconstituted milk replacer) twice a day, depending on the health and size of the calf. A 100 lb. healthy calf should receive about 2 quarts of the reconstituted milk replacer. Feed Lone Star Calf Milk Replacer as long as you would normally feed whole milk, or until weaning. The calf can be weaned when it meets the following three criteria:

1. Be at least 4 weeks of age.

2. Have gained 20% of its birth weight.

3. Have consumed at least one pound of Lone Star Calf Starter

Developer per day for 3 consecutive days.

Lone Star Calf Starter Developer should be introduced before the end of the first week. It is important that the calf starter be kept fresh. Hay of high quality may be introduced at the end of the second week, but it is not necessary until after weaning. Corn silage should not be fed during the first two months.

Crude Protein (not less than) 22.00 %
Crude Fat (not less than) 10.00 %
Crude Fiber (not more than) 0.50 %
Calcium (not less than) 0.70 %
Calcium (not more than) 1.00 %
Phosphorous (not less than) 0.60 %
Vitamin A, (not less than) 32,000 IU/LB
Vitamin D, (not less than) 12,000 IU/LB
Vitamin E, (not less than) 20 IU/LB
PROTEIN, not less than 22.00 %
FAT, not less than 10.00 %
FIBER, not more than 0.50 %
ASH, not more than 7.50 %
DE 1744.00 Kcal/lb
TDN 92.00 %
MOISTURE, not more than 5.00 %
CALCIUM 0.80 %
LYSINE 1.84 %
CYSTINE 0.21 %
LEUCINE 1.71 %
VALINE 0.58 %
VITAMIN A (added) . 32,000 IU/lb
VITAMIN D (added) . 12,000 IU/lb
VITAMIN E (added) . 20 IU/lb
THIAMINE 3.4 mg/lb
RIBOFLAVIN 25.80 mg/lb
NIACIN 27.00 mg/lb
CHOLINE 1752.00 mg/lb
VITAMIN B12 20.00 mcg/lb
Trace Minerals (Added)
MANGANESE 25.00 gr/ton
IODINE 1.00 gr/ton
COPPER 2.00 gr/ton
COBALT 1.00 gr/ton
IRON 20.00 gr/ton
ZINC . 50 gr/ton
SELENIUM 0.10 ppm