Manufactured By

Made In Texas

Since 1930

Family Owned

4th Generation
  • 915 South Fredonia Street, Nacogdoches, TX
  • (936) 564-3711

Manufactured By

Made In Texas

Since 1930

Family Owned

4th Generation

What Our Customers Are Saying


Larry Currie

Currie & Son, Lake Charles, LA

I like Lone Star Feeds because of the consistency and quality of their products. They stream line their product selection to meet customers’ needs and pricing is done fairly. We have been a Lone Star dealer for the past 35 years and their customer service is second to none.


Ken & Cecilia Boles

Boles Feed, Center, TX

In 1983, Ken and I developed one of the most productive and satisfying partnerships of our business career. Doing business with TFP Nutrition has been easy and fulfilling because of their prompt and efficient service. Boles feed company has always believed that if we look out for our customers’ best interest then we will be rewarded with a fruitful business in return. We believe that TFP Nutrition has the same belief and that is what makes us return time and again for their products.



Private Label Customer

“Our company has worked with TFP Nutrition for 20+ years. Their team’s ability to take large and complicated product development projects and deliver quick, affordable results has been a cornerstone in our long-term growth plans. Our partnership with TFP Nutrition has proven itself repeatedly and we look forward to a long relationship.”


Scott Holmes

Teague, TX

I have been a rancher in and around Teague, Texas my entire life and I have always fed Lone Star Feed. I was a Lone Star dealer for many years and since selling out, one of the things I have missed the most is my relationship with the folks at Lone Star. It was a pleasure to do business with them; they were knowledgeable and always took my business seriously.

Lone Star takes great pride in manufacturing top quality feed. They make the best range cubes in the business. In fact, you can talk to any cattleman in this part of the country and they will tell you Lone Star’s black bag range cube is the very best cube on the market. I have had great success with all of their feeds including their minerals.

I highly recommend Lone Star feed. You will not be disappointed.


Elton & Joey Landry

Feed Pro, Sunset, LA

“I have been a Lone Star dealer for several years.  TFP Nutrition has helped me remain competitive by supplying a quality product in a timely manner.  They have always made the customer service side of the business easy with their exceptional quality control.”


Chris Walker

Family Feed, Many, LA

TFP Nutrition has been a big part of our business for over 20 years. Their feed is always consistent and of the highest quality! Fast friendly service is what sets them apart from all the other feed companies.


Jerry Leathers

Centerville Feed & Supply, Inc., Centerville, TX

I have been ranching crossbreed cattle for forty six years. In 1995 I was able to buy a feed store (Centerville Feed & Supply, Inc.). Over the years I have tried many feeds from different feed companies but always returned to Lone Star as my go to feed. The quality, cost and consistency of Lone Star Feed could not be beat. I feel that it is the best buy for the money no matter what feed I tried. When you are feeding the best on the market there is no point in looking for anything else.